success stories


Emma, a busy mum and accountant, came to us desperate to tackle her tummy. Previously she had tried to restrict her calories whilst taking aerobic and zumba classes 3 times a week, but she saw virtually no difference. In 11 weeks on our Semi-Private Training Programme Emma saw a huge difference making a few changes all of which are listed below. Emma was happy to share her pictures, however she preferred her face to be disguised.



Martha suffers from a hearing impairment and came to us looking for support to burn some stubborn belly fat and reach a level of fitness that would give her more energy in day to day life. During her training Martha formed a strong bond with our Head Trainer Obi who kept her focused on her end goals and became a role model for a healthy lifestyle.



Before joining Clean Body Health, I was trying to get fit and build muscle but wasn’t achieving the results I wanted. Having never used a personal trainer before, I was really impressed with how quickly I got results from working in the studio. I found the trainer’s knowledge and professionalism first rate and the attention to detail has helped me to keep track of my progress. Through continued sessions, the trainers have helped me to build a personalized training program, which works for me as well as advice on diet, which has made a massive difference. I would happily recommend CBH to anyone serious about improving his or her fitness. They know their stuff.

Dan K, Video editor

I highly recommend Clean Body Health; I started my sessions to help me get back into shape after having my little girl and the semi-private sessions have helped me maintain my weight loss. The trainers are really supportive and motivational, even if sessions are hard they are always a good life and a great environment.
If you are thinking of trying personal training definitely give them a call, several of my friends also now train with CBH, we all agree we feel fitter and healthier now than we did as teenagers!

Alison B, Teacher

Couldn't recommend Clean Body Health highly enough! Sessions are always varied and seeing the results you can achieve hitting your monthly targets is amazing. If you are new to personal training, as I was, your trainer is always there with support and motivation, and also gives great nutrition and lifestyle advice.

Terrence L, Accountant

I highly recommend Clean Body Health, I lost 2 stone in 4 months and my trainer has since helped me maintain my weight loss. His sessions are tough but fun and I'm happy I finally made the commitment to get fit.

Liliya P, Small Business Owner

I used to be a cardio junkie. I used to go into the gym and spend 2 hours on the cross trainer just doing cardio and I found that although I was losing weight I wasn’t really changing the way my body looked. I was still looking in the mirror and not liking what I saw, but now with this I am looking in the mirror and seeing a difference and I am actually liking the results as well.


I like working with Obi because he is very reliable, he is enthusiastic, he is constantly devising new techniques so we are not always doing the same time of routine every time. He always has a few surprises in store! Also he doesn’t ever give you a very easy session. I highly recommend Obi as a personal trainer for the reasons I have already mentioned.

Dr Sundaram

When I initially signed up I was all over the place and my eating was sporadic, my fitness was completely non-existent and I think that is what drove me to start the training because there was just nothing in place for me. I decided I just needed to make a serious change.


Definitely my motivation has increased massively and I feel a lot better in myself. Even in a week I am making better choices with my food, I feel motivated to come in the morning so generally in myself I feel like I have reached my goals already.