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How to Do Squats: 8 Reasons to Do Squat Exercises


Squats have become an intensely popular exercise, and not without reason. They activate a whole host of muscles and can be performed simply without any need for equipment.

To perform a squat, simply follow these steps:

  • Stand with your feet a little over shoulder-width apart, with back held neutral and knees centred over your feet.
  • Slowly bend the knees, hips, and ankles until you achieve a 90-degree angle.
  • Return to starting position, breathing in as you lower yourself and out as you come back up.

Now you know how to perform squats, here are just eight reasons why you should.

  1. Builds Muscle All Over

Squats work more than the muscles of your legs – in fact, they promote body-wide muscle building. Squats are intense enough to trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone, both of which are vital for muscle growth.

  1. Helps with Real-Life Exercises

Traditional gym equipment doesn’t often help with real-life activities, but squats do. Humans have been squatting since we were hunter-gatherers, and building muscle in this way helps the whole body achieve optimal mobility and balance.

  1. Burns Plenty of Fat

Squats combine muscle-building with cardiovascular training, and they activate muscles all over your body. For every pound of muscle gained, your body requires an additional 50-70 calories per day, so squats help turn your body into a mighty furnace.

  1. Enhances Mobility and Balance

Squats help you stay strong and mobile as you get older. As well as working your legs, they also work the stabilizing muscles and your core, which means you can stay balanced. Communication between brain and muscles is improved, so falls are less likely.

  1. Prevents Injury

Athletes who run, cycle, swim, or perform any other such activity on a regular basis may suffer from weak stabilizer muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues, and that can spell injury. Squats help avoid injury by improving those areas.

  1. Boosts Your Performance

Squats can boost your athletic performance as well as protecting you from harm. Studies have shown that they help even seasoned athletes run faster and jump higher.

  1. Tones Your Body

Because squats work you all over without placing huge stress on only one or two muscles, they are excellent for achieving that toned appearance across your entire body without getting too bulky.

  1. Helps with Muscles Heal

The pumping movement involved in a simple squat improves the ability of the body to remove waste and deliver nutrition to your muscles, so they should heal and grow stronger a lot faster.