Personal Trainer Sydenham

Signs you Need to Change your Personal Trainer Sydenham

As you undergo personal training, there might come a time you will find that your trainer is not providing you with the right guidance and advice. There are certain signs you should look for and realize that the trainer is no longer of any value to you. It is essential to know how to detect these signs so that you can make the right decision at the right time. Below are signs you need to change your personal trainer Sydenham.

Start suggesting or selling supplements to you

When you find that your personal trainer has started giving you the advice to take supplements to attain your set goals, it is time to change. This shows that they are losing focus and might want you to attain the set fitness goals faster than you are supposed to. Note that the supplements might help you out, but the results are not long-lasting. A good trainer should motivate to personal the right exercise and engage in the right diet so that you can attain long term solutions. A certified trainer is not allowed to give a prescription to any drugs to help you attain your fitness goals. Besides, you should not accept to buy any supplements from a trainer.

No longer offering motivation

There are times as you do the training that you will lose motivation to move on. Before you even begin to do the training, you should be aware that there will be such times that you will get demotivated. When such times come, it is the responsibility of your personal trainer to motivate you. If you find that the trainer is no longer motivating you and is just criticizing you, it is time to change because they are not of any value to you. Some of the ways you can know that you are not being motivated by the trainer include being criticized for nothing, telling you to leave the training before time and others. Besides, if you find them talking negative about everything that you do, it is a sign for you to cancel the contract with them.

Focus on a single training style

There are a lot of styles involved in personal training. A good personal trainer Sydenham should be able to apply the different styles to cater to the distinct needs of the clients. It is worth noting that clients have different training needs and goals. So, a good trainer must be able to apply the different styles to cater to the specific needs of each client. If you find that your trainer is applying a single style for all the clients, then it is time to quit. Your goals and needs are unique from time to time. The styles that were applied when you started the training should not be the ones to be used after two or three months. If you find that your personal trainer is not changing the style, you need to look for another option to attain the desired goals.

Poorly developed workouts

Within three weeks of personal training, you should be able to determine the effectiveness of a personal trainer. This is by the way that they design their workouts. A perfect trainer should be able to design workouts depending on your specific training needs. Note that all programs are not designed equally in order to cater to the different needs of the clients. Depending on the specific goals that you want to attain, you should make sure that the workouts designed for you are effective. If you find that your trainer is no longer changing the workouts for you or you are feeling pain as you do them, then you should know they are no longer effective for you. If you experience pain or find that the workouts are not giving the desired results, it means that the trainer is not worth it.

Promoting weight loss instead of improving muscle building

You might also find a personal trainer Sydenham who pays more attention to help you lose weight instead of strength or muscle building. This is a great disservice to you, and it is time to leave them. A trainer who only focuses on helping you burn calories, but does not promote how you can have calories intake will not help you attain your fitness goals.

Focusing more on intensity instead of form

It might reach a point in which your personal trainer might opt to pay more attention to the weight you can lift or the hardness by which you push yourself as you to the workouts. It is not wrong to push yourself in the process or lifting heavy weights, but this might end up not working for you. If you focus so much on this, you might end up losing form. Having the right form is the most critical aspect thing that you need to pay more attention as you do all types of training. In case you focus more on intensity, it also means you might develop weak intensity points, which can affect your posture or end up suffering from discomfort, joint instability and chronic pain.

Trainer no longer empowering or educating clients

There are some trainers in Sydenham who only helps clients do the workouts without empowering them with vital information. At first, you might not be aware that your client will reach a point where they will provide you with the necessary information about your health and fitness. In case you find out that your personal trainer is only focusing on doing the exercising without providing you with insights through classes or printed media, you should think twice.  A good trainer should offer more than just the training by giving more information to clients on how they can improve their health with proper diet, hygiene and other lifestyle changes.

Promise overnight results

Personal training is not a one-day event. It takes time before you can start experiencing the desired results. In case your personal trainer Sydenham start promising you overnight results for doing a specific workout, you should quit because this is a lie. You will end up being frustrated since you cannot attain such quick results.