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Personal Training Guidelines Given by a Personal Trainer Golders Green

As you get older, you should continue training to keep your body fit and healthy. It is true you might not have the level of energy or motivation you had when you were young, but this should not deter you from exercising. When you reach forty years, you need to exercise more so that you can improve your brain functions, enhance your health and reduce the risks of other adverse health conditions. You should work with a personal trainer to help you with the right exercises to perform according to your age and body ability. They will help create programs that will ensure that you are fit despite the fast aging process. Here are guidelines you get from your personal trainer Golders Green.

Stay Free from Injuries

It can be very dangerous to get an injury when you are above forty years of age. It is easier to recover when you are in your twenties, but it can be tricky when you are above forty. Thus, the intensity of your training should also be lower to avoid such long term injuries from occurring. Regardless of this problem, you should not stop working out. Check for the workouts you are comfortable and work together with your trainer to get the necessary help. Whenever you feel even small pain or feel that you are straining, you should inform your trainer because these are signs that your body is vulnerable to injuries.

Perform a Variety of Training

One of the dangerous things you can do as you train is to focus on a single workout. When you do this, it means there is a particular part of the body your workout will focus. This is likely going to cause you not only pain but increase the risk of getting injured. So, at your age, you should rotate through a wide range of exercises that have distinct strength curves and implements. This will not only help you stay fit but also remain strong. However, note that variety should not only be limited to workout choice but also the order you perform them. Perform the more straining exercises such as barbell bench presses and squats at the end of the training session. By doing this, your body will not strain, and there will also be less load.

Spare More Time for the Accumulation Phases

With age, your personal trainer Golders Green will tell you that periodisation is critical as you perform exercises. It is necessary that you organise your personal training into blocks whereby you alternate or decide to move from accumulation and intensification linearly. When you get older, keep the accumulation to intensification ratio at 3:1 or 2:1. This is necessary because your joints will not be fit for a lot of intensification protocols.

Boost Your Time Under Tension

Increasing time under tension on your muscles and according to the complexity of the workouts is a great way to exercise when you are above forty years. You need to experiment with a wide range of styles of tempos hells in the reduction of joint stress, offer a distinct stimulus and allow the building of muscles.

Minimise Spinal Loading Frequency

There are several back intensive workouts that you do. With age, you need to group them into a single day in a week. This gives your body enough time to recover and avoid strains that might lead to lower back injuries. For instance, as you train the legs, you can do deadlift or squat in one day, two machine exercises the other day and then get back to squats the following day. However, as a beginner, note that deadlifts and squats might not be important since you might not have movement ability. If you do them, you will do yourself more harm.


If you start training when you are above forty years, one of the challenges you might face is the lack of joint stability. Your personal trainer Golders Green will show you how to carry out isometrics, slow tempos and unilateral work. By doing this as you begin, you will not only gain the join stability but also make your entire body more fit for the training.

Pay More Attention to Quality

You might feel excited that you can perform a lot of exercise in a day without feeling fatigue despite your age.  You might also feel happy that you can do the training for almost all days in a week. However, all these might not be important if you are not getting the desired results. In personal training, quality is more critical compared to quality. It is better you do a few workouts two days in a week and experience positive results. Note that with intense training, your body might get fatigue in the long end, thus hindering your exercising ability in the long end.

Start by Warming Up, Mobilising and Stretch

One mistake that many people make is rushing into doing the exercising before their body is ready. Even for young trainers, jumping into exercising without preparing the body acts as a recipe for injuries and body strains. Before you begin the training, you should spend ten to fifteen minutes doing the warm-up. This makes your body ready for other vigorous exercises you might do during the day.

Condition your Body

Cardiovascular health is critical, and it is a major concern for those who are above forty years of age. Improving your work capacity will highly your muscle hypertrophy signalling pathways sensitivity. It is necessary to add more conditioning sessions or improve the density of resistance training.

Remain Active and Enjoy

Your personal trainer Golders Green will advise you that you should not only stay active when you are in the studio or gym. You should remain active when you are outside the training facilities. You can do this by having a daily walk, jogging or doing other chores that make your body to exercise. Such simple exercises help reduce anabolic resistance that might increase with age. Do a sport or an activity that you like, and this will go a long way in boosting your health and fitness as you age.