Personal Trainer Dos and Dont’s


Working as a personal trainer is a fun way to earn and also help clients realise their health and fitness goals. However, like in any other profession, you should know the best practices to apply so that you can succeed. For your clients to attain their set objectives, they require your guidance and motivation from the start to the end of their training regime. Therefore, you have to be mindful of the advice you give to them and how you also conduct yourself. To help you gain a better understanding, below are some of the personal trainer dos and don’ts.


Always Be Updated

Like most of the other industries, the fitness industry is changing constantly. It is evolving at a high rate, so you have to be able to move with these changes. One of the ways you can do this is to ensure that you update your certifications. The techniques you learned about five years ago might not be relevant now. If clients find that you are using outdated personal training techniques, they will not sign up in your facility. Attend training conferences, courses and read a lot of literature to keep you updated. This makes your clients develop confidence with your services. It is also worth noting that with more knowledge, you also become more proficient and efficient in the fitness field. You enjoy the flow of clients and high referrals.

You Should Demonstrate Leadership Skills

As a personal trainer, you will be working with diverse clients. Thus, you have to demonstrate great leadership skills to succeed. You do not just need to create a program for your clients and tell them they are doing a good job. Yes, it is good to be a cheerleader so that you can motivate your clients. However, you should also make sure that you challenge them because this is the only way they will get more committed and put more efforts towards attaining their end goals. You should be in a position to provoke their inner drive by taking them through each step and show them how each of the steps helps them attain their end goals. Guide them to the extent that they get excited to train. As a leader, make them develop belief in themselves because this will go a long way in helping them achieve their ultimate objectives.

Be Compassionate

Note that most of the clients who come to you do not have any prior experience in working out in the gym. Besides, they might be having long or short term injuries have no clue how to achieve their goals or have a disability that might hinder effective personal training. As their personal trainer, you have a responsibility to guide and show them empathy. You should have compassion for your clients regardless of their age or their fitness levels. You need to reflect on when you began training and the challenges you faced. Relate the struggles you went through to those that your clients are facing. By doing this, you will be able to keep them encouraged both physically and mentally to achieve their full potential.

Believe in the Abilities of Your Clients

A lot of new clients are likely to lose faith if you show them that they cannot make it. Most of them start the training with great motivation and confidence that they can achieve their ultimate goals fast. However, the motivation must come from you as a trainer. Despite the weaknesses you might realise from your clients, you should never show them that they cannot. Note that clients might also lose hope if they cannot experience any positive results after doing the workouts for a while. They might feel as if they are not doing it right, or they are not capable of achieving their objectives. It is your responsibility as a trainer to re-instil belief by making them acknowledge that despite they have not achieved what they desired; there are accomplishments to appreciate regardless of how small they are.


Do Not Overlook the Importance of Nutrition

Your clients will not achieve their health and fitness goals if they do not incorporate efficient nutrition in their fitness plan. Nutrition and training are linked; thus, you should educate your clients on the right nutrition plan that will help them work out properly and achieve their desired goals. Make them see nutrition as fuel that gives their bodies energy so that they can do the workouts and lifts to their full potential. Educate your clients that taking food in the right moderation aids fat loss and improve muscle growth.

Do Not Treat All Your Clients the Same Way

It is a great mistake to treat all your clients in the same way. Each client who comes to your facility is unique in many ways. They are different in their body forms, abilities, goals they want to attain and many other aspects. With these distinctions, you should tailor their training programs to match their specific needs and situations. For a client to be motivated, they should love what they are doing. This means if you develop a program that does not match their abilities and preference, they might not attain their desired results. Take time to understand each of the clients so that you can come up with a plan that will help them achieve their long term goals.

Do Not Focus More on the Intensity and Forget Form

You do not have to push your client to the extent that they vomit. The right form should always come before intensity when offering your personal training services. You should teach the right form so that you can help clients develop muscles quickly and avoid injuries. If you pile heavyweights to your clients, this will only increase the risk of injuries and make them reach their breaking point.

Do Not Focus More on Money

It is true that working as a personal trainer is a business, but do not focus more on the money. Focus more on building your brand, and money will follow after you have succeeded to be at the top.