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Top Questions a Good Personal Trainer Crouch End should ask You

The major reason you hire a personal trainer is to help attain your fitness and health goals. You will spend money and time with them, so you should make sure that you get value in the long end. The most critical thing is to avoid some very cheap and unqualified trainers who are out there to earn money but offer no results in the long end. You will know a trainer who can help you from the first day you meet for consultations. If you get one who seems more interested in money, then you should know they are in business and might not help you. There are certain vital questions any reputable trainer should ask you before you begin the training sessions. The questions help them understand you more and offer you the right solutions.  Here are some of the most critical questions a good personal trainer Crouch End should ask you.

Are you under medications?

This is a vital question personal trainers must ask their clients before beginning the training sessions. Your trainer will ask you this question so that they can understand the medical conditions you might be suffering. Besides, they will want to know the side affects you are experiencing, so that they can understand how to guide you through the training. Understanding the medications also enables them to know if they might be contributing to the health problems you are having, including excess weight, muscle soreness and others. Note that your trainer is not a medical professional, so it is up to you to explain to them the side effects so that they can understand your situations better.

Do you suffer from cardiac issues?

As you do exercises, the cardiovascular system is highly involved. Thus, it is in the interest of your personal trainer Crouch End to know if you have issues with you’re the system so that they can understand how to design your training program. Some of the cardio risk factors they need to know to include any heart disease, metabolic disease and high blood pressure. The trainer will also want to know how you manage the medical condition and whether you are permitted by your doctor to workout. Besides, they would want to know the cause of the problems to know if it is your sedentary lifestyle contributing to it. It is the role of the trainer to ensure that they do not escalate the problems through the training offered.

What are the goals you want to achieve?

When you start personal training, you already have the goals you want to attain. It is very unprofessional for your trainer to start the journey without asking you about what you want to achieve in the long end. The trainer should not assume that you want to build muscles or lose weight. By understanding your goals, it becomes easy for the trainer to develop a program that will help you achieve them within the shortest time possible. It is the goals you have that make it possible for the trainer to develop a fully customised program for you.

How is your diet?

A personal trainer Crouch End will be interested to know what your diet looks like. They will ask questions such as the number of calories you take in a day and the type of food you eat most. Despite that they are professional nutritionist; the trainer can offer you dietary guidance that will help you in achieving the set goals. Note that your nutrition is a fundamental factor that determines whether you get into the right shape or not. You might be advised to create a food diary so that you can have a review in the future.

How much time will you dedicate to your personal training?

Your trainer does not understand your schedule, so they would like to know how many hours in a week you can avail yourself for the personal training sessions. The trainer needs to understand this so that they can weigh the expectations you have and the time you are willing to spend doing the training. Note that you are not going to experience great changes by spending one hour a week in the gym. Therefore, you should also do the workouts when at home or even workplace. Your trainer in Crouch End will help you to the right planning.

Are you allowed by your doctor to train?

Your personal trainer will like to know if you are permitted by your doctor to engage in personal training.  This is critical because your doctor might have instructed you not to exercise due to the risk factors involved depending on your body form. The trainer will ask you because they do not want to take the liability of injuries that might occur during the sessions. In as much as you might want to gain full-body fitness, be honest with your trainer so that you do not escalate health problems you might be having.

Have you ever engaged in personal training before?

It is necessary that your personal trainer Crouch End to know if you have ever been in a previous personal training program. This information will help determine what might have cause failure. Do not hesitate to tell them the truth even if it is laxity that made you fail. They also get to know what has worked and what has not in the past. The information they get will help then make the necessary changes so that problems that might have occurred in the past will not.

Do you have existing or previous injuries?

This is a vital question because the trainer will not want to aggravate some injuries you have or the ones you might have suffered in the past. If it was many years ago, it is crucial to inform the trainer because they can still have effects on the exercise that you perform. A good trainer will treat injuries as signs of muscles that require strengthening. So, they will develop a training program that will help strengthen the muscles. Having suffered from injuries is not a weakness, so do not be afraid to inform your trainer.