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Body Building Tips from Your Personal Trainer Camberwell

Building muscles is not as easy as many people think. It is a process that requires dedication and efforts by following the right workout guidelines. It also takes proper planning, hard work and knowledge of the stimulants of muscle growth in the body. If you are looking forward to building your muscles, you should be prepared for the journey because you will not attain the set goals within a week. You need to be mentally and physically strong to perform all the required workouts, take the right diet and adopt to the best lifestyle changes. You should also endeavour to work with a personal trainer Camberwell London to guide you. Here are some of the bodybuilding tips your trainer will give you.

Eat more of proteins

To help your body maintain the right nitrogen balance and enhance protein synthesis, it is advisable that you take the right amount of foods rich in proteins. It is recommended that you take about 0.8 grams/kg of protein. This is an amount that can help you gain the right muscles without causing any other side effects in your body. It is also worth noting that protein plays other essential roles in your body, including enhancing neurotransmitter production and many others, so you must take enough of it every day.

Compound movements

Your personal trainer Camberwell will also help you perform compound movements. Performing the curls helps in building muscles. However, you need to avoid carrying out string rowing movements such as pullups and barbell rows since they might make your arms to pop up. In case you need better legs and butt, you can perform leg extensions, hip abductor, leg curls and other but isolation workouts. If the workouts you are doing only move a single joint, you are hindering your muscle growth potential. The trick here is to focus on compound workouts to attain the desired results.

Focus on your post-exercise diet

As you work out to gain more muscles, you should be ready to take the right meal at all times. The most critical meal that will help you gain the right muscles is the one you take after doing the exercises. Your post-workout meal is necessary because this is the time that your cells are ready to receive glucose. This is an anabolic time meaning that a diet that has the right amount of protein and carbohydrates will enhance glycogen and protein synthesis. The best time to take the post-exercise meal is two hours after you are done with the workouts to accelerate protein synthesis.

Give your goals a priority

What goals do you want to attain? This is a question your personal trainer Camberwell London will ask you before you start the muscle-building training. It is necessary to be very specific on the exact goals you would want to attain in the long end. Note that certain goals will require you to take particular nutrition and training. This is the same case with muscle building. In case you want to gain muscles and lose weight at the same time, you will find it hard. So, it is wise to prioritize a single goal at a time. It will be easy for you to add muscle when you have more calories in the body than when there is a deficit.

Do not neglect the eccentric phase

As you work out, you perform two distinct movements, i.e. the eccentric and concentric phase. The concentric phase involves the shortening of muscles as they produce force. This is likely what you think about as you lift the weight. On the other hand, the eccentric phase involves muscles getting longer under the loads. Eccentric phase offers the most hypertrophy and goes a long way in helping you build strong muscles.

Have the right exercise frequency

There is a wide range of training styles and philosophies. They all share something in common in that they all leave enough time in working for similar muscle groups and ensuring the right recovery. When you perform intensive exercises, it might take you two days or even more to recover. In case you hit one muscle consistently, this might have adverse effects on the goals you want to attain. It is good to reduce the frequency and allow some of the fatigue to go away, and then increase the intensity of the exercise you perform completely.  Your personal trainer Camberwell will always advise you to focus more on quality instead of quantity.

Consume the right amount of calories

One of the things that will hinder your muscle growth is a deficit of calories in your body. Note that muscle building is an energy-consuming and intensive job. Most people combine muscle building with weight loss. If you are one of them, you need to consume a lot of calories and ensure that you are eating a lot of food when you go to do the workouts and take less when not exercising. This ensures that you get excess energy intake when needed most when building your muscles.

Get enough sleep

Any personal trainer Camberwell London will tell you that good sleep is a stimulant to muscle growth. Note that as you work out, you stimulate muscle growth, but when resting, this is the time that you build the muscles. A calm sleep enhances your body metabolism and helps bring in the right hormonal balance that helps in building muscles.  Your body produces the growth hormone throughout the night. Ensure you get seven to nine hours of sleep every night and sleeping at the same time to improve regulation of glucose, hormonal production and cortisol control.

Be patient

You will not build muscles immediately. Depending on your body and exercising schedule, your personal trainer Camberwell will guide you on the timeframe it might take before you can begin to see the desired results. They are realistic, so do not expect to be given a timeframe of one month. Patience and perseverance are two qualities that go a long way in helping you gain the muscles you want in your body.