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The CBH system gives you the ultimate health and fitness convenience with londons most supportive personal training package.

Here’s what Dr. Nikki Kanani said about it:...

The CBH system is a Results Maximiser that you can add to your training plan that can completely change the game for you… You will enjoy all the benefits of Personal Training PLUS...

Inside the CBH system you will find:

Convenience so you can get on with more productive tasks of your day like putting your feet up and recovering from your sessions…

  • Professionally Chef prepared & Delicious MEALS so you don’t have to worry about starving on the average boring salads…
  • Portion & Nutrient controlled so you don’t have to read the back of the package all the time while counting calorie after calorie. Its all DONE FOR YOU
  • Low GI meaning you don’t have to keep an eye out for sugar so you can indulge “guilt free”.
  • Supportive Healthy Good fats without the Nasty Bad fats meaning you can experience
  • High Protein meaning you can enjoy faster recovery times, achieve a faster metabolism, and a leaner body. The right amount of protein is a must for any successful transformation.

You have the choice to Add our chef prepared breakfasts, lunches or dinners or All 3 to your training plan. Meals starting from a high value £5.99.

If your goal is to lose weight or drop fat then your nutrition has more effect on your goals than any other factor. Therefore we have put together

what is the cbh system?


Semi private personal training is the training of the future…

What is S.P.T In a nutshell?…

Semi Private Training is a “tiny intimate group” in a supervised environment. Groups are limited to a MAXIMUM of 3 people meaning each client receives ample attention from the lead trainer.

This is what gyms were supposed to be before they stopped caring about their members!

I’ll get off my soapbox now. Rant Over :)

As you can see by all the smiling faces and results SPT is the future…

Semi Training or S.P.T. is our preferred method of training and it should be yours too.


Latest Training Equipment. Get the most effective workout with the latest equipment so you can get in shape faster.

Amazing value. Sharing the cost of the trainer between two. Meaning you don’t have to break the bank to achieve long term results.

Individualised Training Plan. Built specifically for your goals and around any injuries you may have, meaning you can start getting fit no matter how much experience you have.

Privacy. No distractions from unwanted onlookers.

Accountability. We perform regular check-ups to ensure you’re on track with your goals. You turn up. You give 100%. You get results. Nice & Simple.

After Workout Nutrition. Grab a healthy shake at the end of your session to maximise all your efforts and achieve results faster and easier.

Clean training environment. Cleaned multiple times a day with organic cleaning materials. Free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Friendly & Supportive Team. Train with like-minded individuals. You will be joined by a maximum of two other clients who will spend the 1 hour session training alongside you working on their own individual programmes.

We are the ONLY Personal Training Studio in North or South London to offering TRUE Semi-Private Personal Training. Others are attempting to mislead the public because semi private is fashionable at the moment but our programs are truly individualised

Let our trainers devise your own personalised programme and guide you in the execution alongside 2 or 3 like minded individuals, the most supportive environment to help you achieve your goals.

  • Weight Loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Toning
  • Strength
  • Fitness

Within our semi private model you can select your own training package that best suits the result you want

You can get started today for just £97

Click here to see our Over the Top 21 Day Kick Start Program

private training

Everything you receive you receive in Semi Private training but in a 1:1 environment with your trainer

Extremely limited spaces due to our Professional Hockey Team Training schedule

To enquire about private training email Obi for an application form at