Kray Twins Part 2

You don’t get anything being patient (Kray Twins PART 2)


I’m going against convention today….

Why? maybe it’s because I’ve been watching gangster movies or maybe because I don’t like bandwagons and like to look at both sides of any point of view or advice given….


Quite early in the movie Legend,

Reggie Kray meets a girl and she gives him a hard sweet with sherbet in the middle, rather than taking his time and letting the hard shell dissolve he bit into it to get the sherbet in the middle.

She asked “why did you bite it, why didn’t you wait?”
Reggie said “you don’t get anything being patient”


I think that’s true when it comes to fat loss

If you are tracking your progress you should see some result at least every couple of weeks otherwise you are being TOO patient and not taking enough action.

For example, when our new 21 DAY ACCESS PASS clients start I let them know “Even if you just lose 1 lb in two weeks that would be progress, and ANY progress is good progress.”

from experience I’ve seen the best tool for changing habits, long term and short term is a fast start.


Start fast and the results will motivate you to continue.

The problem with starting slow is that, there is no incentive to continue your efforts because you don’t receive any positive feedback for your effort.


I find one of two people use “be patient”

  • Person #1 has been around the dieting block and has been burned before. They’ve tried the cabbage soup, the atkins, weight watchers, Paleo and found them impossible to stick to. Understandably. We don’t do diets here, just solid nutrition principles which I teach in blog posts (like the one you’re reading now).


  • Person #2 has likely always been big and has little to no self-belief or confidence in his/her own ability to lose weight so they use “going slowly” as a self-defence mechanism against failure.

“Speed of implementation is the key to motivation.”