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How to Deadlift


The deadlift is one of the most important moves you can perform. This is an exercise that activates muscles across the body, so it’s enormously beneficial. That said, many people avoid deadlifting, worrying about getting it wrong.

With that in mind, here’s a quick overview of how to deadlift:

  • Keep your feet flat on the floor, bend slightly at the knees, and then grab the bar with your hands around shoulder-width apart. You may struggle at first with the grip, so try facing one palm forwards and the other backwards.
  • Keeping your back straight and head facing forward, lift the bar using the power in your legs. Instead of using your upper body, make sure you’re driving your hips forward.
  • At the top of the move, pull your shoulders back.
  • Finally, carefully lower the bar back down to the ground.

So, that’s how you deadlift, but some people still struggle. If you’re one of them, try reading through these tips.

Keep the Head Neutral

Keep your head neutral by looking forwards throughout the move. Focus on a single point on the ground about two or three meters ahead of you, and keep your chin from coming down as you lift.

Focus on Chest and Shoulders

Keeping your back in the right position is crucial if you want to avoid injury and perform your deadlifts properly. To make sure this happens, it helps to focus on the chest and shoulders. Keep your chest up and puffed out, somewhat like a gorilla – this prevents the torso hunching forwards. As for the shoulders, you should keep them slightly in front of your hands until the bar reaches mid-thigh level – after that point, retract them for a stable core.

Keep the Core Braced

If performed correctly, deadlifts can really strengthen your core. Keep your abdominal muscles braced during the entire lift. This keeps the whole body stable while preventing the lower back from arching, and it also helps carve those wicked abs.

Move Explosively

While maintaining form, make your moves as explosive as possible. That means really driving your hips forwards. After the explosive lift, lower down in a slow and controlled manner.

Work on Your Grip

If your grip sucks, your deadlifts are going to suck. You’ll quickly find yourself needing a break because your hands hurt instead of because your muscles have worked to their fullest potential. Ensure you maintain the right hand position, and don’t hesitate to work on your grip strength independently.