How Long does it Take to Become a Personal Trainer?


If you have the desire to become a personal trainer, it is not something that will happen overnight. There are several requirements you need to meet before you get accredited. The duration you take is also determined by several other factors. This article offers you some of the factors that will determine how long it will take you to become a personal trainer South East London. Continue reading…

The time you dedicate to the training

It is obvious that if you are fully committed to training and other aspects involved in becoming a personal trainer, it will take a shorter time. Taking a full-time course will help you a shorter time compared to when you study on a part-time basis. The option you go for is determined if you have other commitments to undertake. If you have a busy schedule, you can take online or part-time classes, but it will take longer to become a certified personal trainer. The advantage you have by taking the self-paced courses is that you can select the time that you can commit to your personal training course. In overall, the more time you dedicate to your studies, the more you speed up the process of becoming a trainer.

Your discipline levels

If you are committed to becoming a trainer within a short time, high-level discipline is vital. It is easy for you to allocate enough time to complete the course, but you have to apply a lot of efforts, be motivated and be self-disciplined. Avoid habits that might distract you from being focused on your end goals. With high-level discipline, you can take a short time than you even expected to get fully certified.

Resources available

You need a lot of resources from the time you begin until the time you become a fully certified personal trainer. You need material resources and time. Depending on the program you join, you will find a lot of resources which you should take full advantage of, to get the best results. Spend ample time as you go through the content presented in the best way possible. Make sure you pay full attention to all your coursework so that you can make a high-quality presentation. You need to be above average, so do not just focus on scoring above the minimum. Take time to attend workshops, get in touch with your course tutors and pay attention to their feedback. By being pro-active as you study, it will take you a shorter time to be accredited to become a personal trainer.

Do you pass the exam the first time?

Finding a real personal trainer means they have taken exams. To be realistic, you might not pass all your assessments the first time. It is possible for you to fail even two times, especially if you do not put the required efforts. If you manage to pass all the assessments the first time, you will be lucky to be done within a short duration. However, if you fail, you will have to go through the assessments again, meaning it will take longer to be through with your journey. It is advisable to approach all the tests and exams with a positive mind. This increases your chances of getting things right the first time.

The course program you select

Some course programs will take longer to complete than others. This is all determined by the amount of content presented and the course providers. Make sure that you go for only accredited providers and programs to be sure that you are on the right path. Going through the accredited programs shows that you have met the set standards of the training. There are also some course providers who might not be fully committed to the work they do, so if you go for them, it will take longer than you expected to become a fully certified personal trainer. The program and course provider you select will determine the number of times you will have to resit exams, resources available, how fast they mark your exams and the duration it takes to be through with the course. Administration issues will also determine the time you take to be fully qualified. 

What type of personal training services do you want to offer?

The type and number of personal training services you want to offer to clients will also determine how long it will take you to be certified. It is obvious that the more services you want to offer, the longer it will take you to complete the course programs and meeting all the other requirements. For instance, if you would want to offer both personal training and nutritional services, it will take you longer. Besides, if you would like to offer a wide range of services such as bodybuilding training, muscle toning services, weight loss programs and others, it might also take you longer. On the other hand, if you just want to focus on a single service such as a weight loss program, it will take you a short time to be through.

Level of qualifications you want to attain

The level of qualifications you want to attain is also a great determinant on the duration it takes you to become a personal trainer. You can opt for a certificate course that will take you a few months to complete. You will be certified although your levels will be low. On the other hand, you can opt to go for a degree in personal training. This might take you two to four years to be through with the course. It will take you a long time to complete, but in the long end, your levels will be higher than if you do a certificate course. Note that the higher your levels, the more clients will develop more trust and confidence with the services you provide.

Your local area requirements

The duration might also be determined by how long it takes you to be certified in your area after you are done with your course. In most areas, it will take one to two months to be accredited when you provide your qualification certificates.