How do you Create Effective Personal Training and Nutrition Packages?


If you want to start working or already work as a personal trainer, coming up with well-designed packages helps you earn more. In addition, the packages assist your clients to enjoy better results, thus making them satisfied and happy to pay any amount you charge. With more money, you can make more investments and enjoy a high client retention rate. Do not focus more on selling your personal training sessions. It is not right to begin by charging per session. This will neither work for your business nor for your clients.  So, how do you create effective personal training packages and nutrition packages?

Develop an outcome

The first thing you should have is an outcome. This is necessary because, with an outcome, it is easy for you and your clients to be fully accountable to the outcome created. It is good because, with an outcome, it will be hard for your clients to cancel sessions. It becomes easy for clients to cancel or ignore a session if there is no real outcome. They might not find any value to attend all the sessions. However, with an outcome or having a goal that needs to be accomplished, it might be harder for a client to think of cancelling a session.

As a personal trainer, you need to put more efforts into selling an outcome. By doing this, you will have more assured income, committed clients and high chances that your clients will achieve their desired goals. Creating an outcome is not as hard as you might think. A perfect outcome is a certain objective that is attained within a certain time frame. The outcome that you set is dependent on your capabilities to create goals with your client and achieve them.

Create a feature list

The top rule when creating personal training and nutrition packages is to include all the things your clients need in order to attain their objectives in the lowered tiered package. Have a list of all the things that your clients require to attain their objectives. A lot of trainers make a mistake by excluding support or nutrition from the first tier of their package. Make sure that your lowest tier package has everything that your clients need to achieve their desired objectives. If you fail to offer them all the things they need to succeed, they will not be satisfied with your services. You can expect no referrals or negative reviews from them.

Take time to consider how your potential clients want to use your personal training services. Some of the top ways that your target clients might want to consume the services you provide include; individual coaching, group coaching, or fitness challenges. When you are sure of how your clients what to consume the services you provide; now it is time to create features based on that format.

Some of the features you might have include; a training plan, video reviews, support, nutritional tracking, nutritional support, training reviews, video library, workout tracker, and online training app access. Develop features you know the clients need to succeed or the ones that the clients think they require to succeed. It is evident that consistency and self-discipline are the major drivers that will help your clients succeed regardless of the objectives they need to succeed. So, always encourage your clients to have them.

Develop your package

Now that you have already developed an outcome and the features your clients need, you should now come up with the packages for them to consume. Create a package that looks perfect for consumption by each of your clients. It is now time to present it. As you present, think whether it is good to show the benefits or the features. The way you present your package should be determined, by the level of knowledge the clients possess regarding the personal training services you are providing.

You can ask your clients about the services you offer, the benefits they will get, and the features they require to be included. The personal training package pricing, features and benefits you adopt are not set on stone. You can decide to change them later on. The major focus at the beginning is to create something that you can show your prospective clients and receive feedback from your clients.  Make use of the feedback to make improvements, and in the long end, you will have created your personal training and nutrition packages.

How do you sell your package?

After you have developed your packages, the other important thing for you to do is to sell them in the right way. If you develop the package but do not make your clients aware of them, then it will be of no help to your personal training business. You can sell your packages in different ways, depending on what you think will work correctly for you.

You can opt to sell them on your website where your potential clients can view them. Present them in a way that it is easy for even those who have never been involved in personal training to understand. Sell them in a way that will prompt your targets to respond or get in touch with you. Some of the other materials that you can use to sell your personal training and nutrition packages include business cards, marketing pieces, brochures, facebook, twitter, instagram and other platforms that are popular among your prospective clients.

As you sell your packages, be sure to use high-quality materials and approaches that are within your budget limit. Keep in mind that you are trying to appeal to a large number of people. Since they might have different understanding levels, it is good to be simple, but apply a professional approach to ensure that your pieces get the intended attention.

Bottom line

It will not hurt you if you can take time to find out the packages that your competitors offer to clients. Focus on personal trainers who have attained high-level success, because you will learn something from them. Try to make your packages unique so that you can beat the competition.