A Comprehensive Guide on Personal Trainer London cost to Charge your Clients


When you decide to offer personal training services in London, there are a lot of things you should think about. Note that this is an investment you are making; thus, you should never allow your resources to go to waste. Take time to consider all the necessary factors that will let you succeed not only in making profits but also helping people realise their health and fitness goals. One of the major considerations you must make is regarding the cost you charge to your clients. Note that the cost you charge your clients can make or break your personal training business. They will always consider cost as a major factor before they can choose to hire you. If you charge a high amount, you might discourage many who might not afford such.

On the other hand, if you charge a very low price, you might present yourself as lowly qualified. So, how much should your charge? This article offers you some guidelines on how to set your personal trainer London cost.

You are Doing This as a Career

This is the most important thing you should know. It is your career so, the business should be able to provide you with the money you need to cater to your daily living. This is more necessary if you are working as a personal trainer on a full-time basis. In this case, you will need to offer high-quality services worth charging a price that can sustain your living. Have all your certificates and other documents with you. This helps clients develop confidence and trust with your services, making them be willing to pay the price you charge for the specific training services you provide.

Consider the Location of Your Personal Training Facility

The location of your gym will highly determine your personal trainer London cost.  You should consider the specific rates charged depending on the specific area you want to offer your services. The rate in the area is what your clients will expect you to charge them. If you go high, they will opt to hire other trainers. On the other hand, do not try to charge a very low rate of thinking you are going to have a competitive edge. A low price might work against you since clients might think you do not offer high-quality training services. The best thing to do is carry out prior research to determine the average rates gym in the specific are charge. This will act as a basis to know the amount you should also charge. To gain a competitive edge, do not go for a low price than your competitors. You should offer high-quality services and offer other incentives to attract clients to your facility.

How Much can Your Potential Clients Afford?

Like any other business, it is worth considering the amount your potential personal training clients can afford. You can understand this by considering the social, economic conditions in the particular area you want to set your gym. The amount you charge should match the income of the people in the area. For instance, if you are targeting students, you can be sure that they will not afford a high price. On the other hand, if you are targeting upper-class clients who are working class, they can afford higher rates. Doing some online survey can help you determine how much your targets are willing to pay. You can also search how other gyms targeting the same audience charge. This can give you a clue on what you can also charge. Be flexible also in considering whether the economy is thriving or there is recess as you set the prices.

Investments You have Made in Your Gym

Any successful business should be able to offer value for the investment done. This is the same case with your gym. As you consider your personal trainer London cost, take into account all the resources you have spent to set it up. You need to consider the training equipment, costs you have incurred to attain your certification, recurring costs, insurance and all others. If you have invested in high tech and more sophisticated training equipment, be sure to consider that as you set the price. Besides, consider the time you spend conducting the personal training. This is critical because time is also a critical resource in any business. In case you decide to work as a mobile trainer, you should think about all the cost you incur to reach your clients in their home or workplace. After you have considered the cost you incur doing the training, you can now be able to determine the cost to charge.

Quality of Services You Provide

Is the quality of the personal training services you provide to your clients worth the price you want to charge? This is a critical question that can help you come up with the right personal trainer cost. The quality of the training you provide is determined by your qualifications, techniques you teach, experience in the industry, quality of the equipment you have, the incentives you provide in the gym and many others. Note that it might be a daunting task to work alone in the gym for many hours. So, you should also consider the skills your trainers have as you set up the cost. If you offer services to a specialised group of people such as athletes, the disables or any other special group; more focus is needed, so the price should also be high.

Future Expectations

As you start your personal training services, you should have future expectations. As you consider personal trainer London cost, take into consideration your future expectations. Make sure that the price you charge can cater for your future growth prospects. The resources you require to grow your gym should come from the price charged to the clients. Take note on what you would like to invest in when your business picks and charge a price that will help you realise those goals. However, avoid having unrealistic expectations so that you also do not find yourself charging a high price that puts your potential clients off.