8 Top Online Personal Training Package Ideas


If you want or work as a personal trainer, you have various options on how you can offer your services. With more people living a busy lifestyle in modern times, online personal training has become the trend. Therefore, you can opt to do your training online, either solely or combine it with training in your gym. It does not matter the option you go for. The most critical thing is to ensure that you offer high-quality services and clients will flow. The other critical factor that determines whether you will make it or not is the package you come up with. You need to come up with a package that makes clients value your services and develop the urge to have a long term relationship with you. You need a package that is not only friendly to your clients but also one that will help get a good return on your investment.  Below are some online personal training packages ideas to help you.

1. What do you want to get from the package?

This is the first question you should ask yourself because you must come up with a package knowing what you want to get from it. As you do the packaging of your online personal training services, you should be careful because the strategy you apply in the process can make or break your business. Keep in mind that you are doing business. Making a profit should be the top priority, so ensure that your package is driving towards making you earn the profit. However, also take into considerations other motivations.

2. Have clear goals for your package

Besides thinking about the profit, it is worth thinking on the other benefits that the package you come up with can help grow your online personal training business. You can design a package that will help bring more clients your way. In this case, you can think of creating a package price for new clients. On the other hand, if you intend to retain more clients in your business, you can opt to provide incentives for your existing clients. In your package, you can include water bottle during the training or giving them T-shirts.

3. Marketing your packages effectively

This is one of the most effective online personal training package ideas you should never forget. Marketing the package ensures that you get the best out of it. You can do the marketing of the package before the single sessions. This involves telling the clients about your packages charges before you inform them about the price you charge for a single session. Be sure to advertise all the packages you have on websites, poster and social media platforms. Again advertise them before the single session prices. If you are just entering the market, you can opt to do a big package announcement or launch to allow everyone to know what you are offering. Present your packages as the best increase the chances of clients hiring you over the other online personal trainers.

4. No need to offer a discount on your package

Most trainers think that it is a must to offer discounts when doing the packaging, but this is not necessary. Thus, as you do your package, you do not require to give discounts. The best thing to do is to make your clients understand why they should spend more money as they maintain their health and fitness. If your clients can understand the long term health benefits they will achieve, they will be more than willing to pay more, making the issue of discount unnecessary.

5. Create a schedule

When one of your clients opt for a package you offer, you should ensure that you include them for all the coming sessions. Creating such a schedule helps you be more organised. Besides, it makes the clients motivated to attend the sessions and develop a long term relationship with your online personal training services.

6. Consider the market situation

Whether you are new or already been in the online fitness industry for years, you should know that your business will be affected by the existing market situation. Thus, as you plan your package; be sure that it is in line with what is happening in the market. Before you come up with the package, carry out competitor research. This helps you know the average price charged in the target market. Besides, you also understand the price that the competitors are charging and know what to offer to gain a competitive edge. With well-conducted market research, you also understand how much your prospects are ready to pay. You will neither undercharge nor overcharge, making clients view your package as reasonable.

7. Create a package based on your prospects spending power

Another crucial factor worth considering as you do your online personal training package is the spending power of your existing clients and prospects. Understand the market niche you will be filling. Consider the special group you will serve and how you will help them differently from others who target them.  Some of the primary targets have the ability to spend more than others. For example, if you are targeting women going through menopause, you can have a higher package because they have more money, compared to when you are targeting students. So, as you do the package think about the demographic group you are targeting, their income bracket, unique experience you are bringing or if you will offer a specialised training program.

8. Opt for the best payment structure

After having the numbers well figured, you should decide the structure to apply as you charge your clients. The payment structure you apply should be highly determined by your training style and lifestyle of your prospects. You can opt for a recurring or a flat fee rate. Listen to your clients’ needs to know which payment structure will work best for them.

Bottom line

No matter the way that you choose the package, ensure that all your clients find value in it. Allow them to feel motivated and understand why it is essential for them to maintain good health and high-level fitness.