2 Wrongs Make Right

2 wrongs make everything right


Over the years I’ve had many great, fun, interesting clients who also happened to be dedicated and hardworking. One of the most memorable is Avi.



He was from New York so I showed him around London a few times.

  • Bars

  • Restaurants


I’m not one these faux fat loss ex-purts…I never claim to be perfect and never let anything unhealthy pass my lips. I just aim to be perfect enough to get good results for my clients, for myself and live a balanced lifestyle. My version of balanced is not 50/50 though, it’s more like 90% good 10% bad.

I remember, a few months into training Avi wanted to watch a Basketball game that was on TV so I thought we’d go to Bodeans in Clapham and grab a steak burger and chicken wings and watch the game…


This kinda sounds like a bromantic date when I say it out loud, lol.



When the food got to the table Avi started talking about some of his biggest challenges when he started on the program:

  • Number 1 was portion control…knowing how much to eat per meal. He’d either eat too many carbs and not enough protein (a common challenge). Or eat too much of everything.

  • Number 2 was meal frequency and timing….He’d either leave too long of a gap between meals or just end up skipping a meal altogether because he’d get busy with work.

Even though he did a couple of things wrong initially. It’s all part of the learning process.

You see, you’re never wrong and there is no failure, only feedback. Listen to… then act on the feedback and you’ll get the results you’re looking for.

avi & Obi copy

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