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Pumpkin Spices cookies

Sweet treats under 102 calories

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Want some low cal treats for your sweet tooth? The only way to get your fat loss plan to succeed is to make IT fit around YOUR lifestyle otherwise it’s not going to work long term. My downfall is sweet-tasting foods. It makes me laugh when I go on social media and see all the […]

Personal Training Dulwich

Hey Dulwich! Wanna build upper body strength?

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Looking to build upper body strength? Not sure where to start? Firstly, you need 4 things if you intend to get stronger. You could call them: The 4 Principles of strength: Progressive Overload Volume Load (aka weight lifted) Frequency   PRINCIPLE #1: PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD   This principle refers to continually increasing the demands on the […]

Kray Twins Part 2

You don’t get anything being patient (Kray Twins PART 2)

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I’m going against convention today…. Why? maybe it’s because I’ve been watching gangster movies or maybe because I don’t like bandwagons and like to look at both sides of any point of view or advice given….   Quite early in the movie Legend, Reggie Kray meets a girl and she gives him a hard sweet [...]

2 Wrongs Make Right

2 wrongs make everything right

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Over the years I’ve had many great, fun, interesting clients who also happened to be dedicated and hardworking. One of the most memorable is Avi.   He was from New York so I showed him around London a few times. Bars Restaurants   I’m not one these faux fat loss ex-purts...I never claim to be [...]

Kray Twins Part 1

What the Kray Twins teach about weight training and fat loss (Part 1)

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Nice people who Want to get in shape “one day” but Feel torn in two currently doing the wrong things but Wanting to improve them and change their ways Even though none of them are psychopathic gangsters (I hope), don’t let the Ronny’s take over. If you want to cease being a fitness newbie or […]

The Fist Is Mightier

The fist is mightier than the pen

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How much carbs should you eat?   I give my clients my personal mobile number so if they have any questions like this they can contact me instantly. I got this text message from a new client today:   “I’m out at a restaurant tonight and I think we’re having Thai how much rice can [...]

Bingo Winds and Tattoos

Bingo Wings & My Tattoos

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Because of my complexion, most people don’t even notice my tattoos which I think is a good thing, especially when I’m meeting a middle class mum of 2 who is terrified of the gym or anything fitness related for the first time. Having this BIG, 6 FT dude with a wild beard and crazy hair [...]


(N.W.A) The Los Angeles method to building a better body

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A while back I went to check out the Straight Outta Compton movie with Mrs. Obi. “Obi, what has rap got to do with health and fitness?”   There was a scene where Dr.Dre lets the executive of the record label he signed to (Suge Knight) know that if they didn’t support him and start […]

4 things you need to know to get lean

4 Things You Might Not Think About, But NEED To Know To GET LEAN

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#1 Commit to Breakfast Sticking to a routine can help stabilise blood sugars and prevent overeating at other times. Try: Eggs & Smoked Salmon, Protein Porridge   #2 Keep a Track of Your Life Record what you eat. Record what you drink. Record how much you exercise. Seeing your diet staring at you in black and […]

14 Day Plan

Your 14 Day Plan for a More Toned Body You’ll Love

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After a few relaxed weeks, I made a resolution to step my workouts up for 14 days, 14 days complete I’m feeling good and loving my body! Here’s Your 14 day workout plan for a More Toned Body You’ll Love.   The Warm Up:     Before each workout complete… 30 seconds jogging on the spot 20 […]