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Your 14 Day Plan for a More Toned Body You’ll Love

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After a few relaxed weeks, I made a resolution to step my workouts up for 14 days, 14 days complete I’m feeling good and loving my body! Here’s Your 14 day workout plan for a More Toned Body You’ll Love.   The Warm Up:     Before each workout complete… 30 seconds jogging on the spot 20 […]

The Ultimate Fat Burning Day

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Stuck in a rut? Ready to make a change to your body for good? Recently, I hit a slump, a few little treats slipped back into my diet and I felt the effects all over my body. Here is the Ultimate Fat Burning Day that got me started…   Breakfast   Salmon, Eggs & Broccoli […]

Protein, your Secret Weapon to a Lean, Toned body

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The lettuce and water diet.   Ok, I’m sure you’ll lose weight, but I also don’t doubt you’ll be exhausted with the body of a scrawny teenage boy:no muscle and no tone. Many ‘diets’ of late have focused the importance of counting calories to achieve weight loss, however most of these approaches don’t prioritise protein […]

4 Simple, Success Steps to Looking Good Naked

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Have you tried to transform your body before? Maybe you’ve even succeeded and let things slip? I watched my Mother do that exact thing numerous times during my childhood and the rollercoaster of emotions that took her through.   THE 4 STEPS   Step #1: Create a Diet Diary Write down every single thing you […]

3 Easy After-Work Dinners

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The working day can be long, I often get home after 9pm at night so quick dinners are a MUST for me. Try 3 of my personal favourites when you’re short for time after a long day…   9.10pm, Just Finishing Work…   Sweet Spicy Salmon 1 1/2 tablespoons maple syrup 1 tablespoon chilli powder […]

How to Keep Off the Holiday Pounds this Summer

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As a Personal Trainer, alarm bells sound in my head when a client tells me they are off on holiday. Not because I don’t like holidays, I LOVE holidays, they are one of my main motivations to work hard. But I worry because time after time I see clients work so hard to achieve results […]