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Six Truths of Olympic Weightlifting Technique

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Proper technique is incredibly important when dealing with the heavy weights used during Olympic weightlifting, which is why you need to commit these six important truths to memory and make sure you live (and lift) by them. Balance Must Be Over the Feet If the system’s balance doesn’t rest over the feet, the combined weight […]

How to Do Squats: 8 Reasons to Do Squat Exercises

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Squats have become an intensely popular exercise, and not without reason. They activate a whole host of muscles and can be performed simply without any need for equipment. To perform a squat, simply follow these steps: Stand with your feet a little over shoulder-width apart, with back held neutral and knees centred over your feet. […]

How to Deadlift

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The deadlift is one of the most important moves you can perform. This is an exercise that activates muscles across the body, so it’s enormously beneficial. That said, many people avoid deadlifting, worrying about getting it wrong. With that in mind, here’s a quick overview of how to deadlift: Keep your feet flat on the […]

Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet

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You’ve probably heard about the paleo diet. In fact, you’ve probably heard it both derided as the worst idea possible and acclaimed as the be-all-end-all answer to the world’s nutritional problems. All that candour can make getting started seem all the tougher, but you can make your journey easier by following these tips. Detox the […]

3 Intense Hypertrophy Workouts for Serious Functional Fitness Athletes

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3 Intense Hypertrophy Workouts for Serious Functional Fitness Athletes Hypertrophy workouts represent an intense method of strength training that aims to grow the muscles as quickly as possible without losing any effectiveness over extended periods. By completing such workouts, you can expect to increase your force output, enjoy enhanced aerobic and anaerobic performance, reduce your […]

15 Bits of Advice for CrossFit Beginners

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If you’re into fitness, you’ve almost certainly heard of CrossFit, but you might be wondering how to make the most of it as a complete newbie. If so, here are 15 nuggets of advice to keep in your back pocket. Wear Your Regular Activewear You don’t need any special gear to do CrossFit – that’s […]

3 Nutritional Principles

3 Nutritional Principles

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Hey what’s up, it’s Obi from Clean Body Health Personal Training. In this post, I’m going to introduce you to 3 nutrition principles that you can control on your own without coaching or additional help from me. You can do this on your own today. In fact you should do it right now before you […]

Pumpkin-Spices cookies

Sweet treats under 102 calories

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Want some low cal treats for your sweet tooth? The only way to get your fat loss plan to succeed is to make IT fit around YOUR lifestyle otherwise it’s not going to work long term. My downfall is sweet-tasting foods. It makes me laugh when I go on social media and see all the […]

Personal Training Dulwich

Hey Dulwich! Wanna build upper body strength?

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Looking to build upper body strength? Not sure where to start? Firstly, you need 4 things if you intend to get stronger. You could call them: The 4 Principles of strength: Progressive Overload Volume Load (aka weight lifted) Frequency   PRINCIPLE #1: PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD   This principle refers to continually increasing the demands on the […]

Kray Twins Part 2

You don’t get anything being patient (Kray Twins PART 2)

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I’m going against convention today…. Why? maybe it’s because I’ve been watching gangster movies or maybe because I don’t like bandwagons and like to look at both sides of any point of view or advice given….   Quite early in the movie Legend, Reggie Kray meets a girl and she gives him a hard sweet [...]